Bailey La Creame

Hey! It’s Bailey La Creame! 💋

Here is my transformation Tuesday photos from one of my first times in drag to now!

In all honesty, drag was never where I thought my performance career would lead! I’ve always been a performer and singer since a young age but I originally wanted to go into musical theatre performances. 🎭

While in university (studying musical theatre and dance) I had to put together a full original show myself and noticed no one had done a drag performance is years (I now know why haha) it was manic!!!

So that’s where it all started! After years of hard work going from the club entrance doors, to the DJ box, to the stage I felt like I had found something that brought joy to not just me, but the people I performed for. 😃

The career gave me everything! Working in different countries, touring the UK with many companies, working in big name venues, pantomimes, solo gigs, club residencies etc!

Finally I have found Cyprus! This beautiful country and amazing show team at Stardust have made me feel at my best when performing in drag! And I am lucky enough to work alongside Lola and Alexis back in the UK in winter in the Dazzling Diamonds Tour! 💎

With my life and career moving forward, I hope to move to Cyprus in the coming year to continue working with Stardust! 💫

So my last words of wisdom for people who aren’t sure what direction their lives may be taking are:

“You define your own life. Don’t let other people write your script.”

Lots of love, Bailey La Creame / Jack Xx ♥️

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