It’s not so transformation Tuesday for ikkle olde me!

Hi everyone it’s me Kieran I’m the producer and designer of the Stardust Show, and I’m proud to say I run and own this amazing show & venue with my life long partner Kevin.

I started my entertainment journey back in 2001 when I became an Airtours Entertainer in Marmaris, Turkey, where Kevin and I met.

During my 7 years with the company I worked my way through many job roles and titles until I left in 2007.

In the Summer of 2008 I started to work in Fethiye, Turkey with the infamous “Talk of The Town” Drag show B4 and this is we’re I found my love for working alongside talented and outrageous queens! In my first year I started as a male vocalist.

In 2009 I joined the new show team The Diamond💎Divas & this is we’re I started to find my feet and harness my talent. And as they say the rest is history…….

Today I’m one of the proud owners of Stardust and the years of hard work, determination & tantrums 😂 are paying off and I’m proud to put my name to such an amazing team and venue.

I’ve never been eccentric or unique, but I have worked hard to be were I am today and if there was any words of wisdom I could give or say it would be?

“Life’s there to be lived so live it without regret, never look back on what could have been” Focus on what makes you happy not society 🤪

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