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Hey Everyone!

Lola Lush here. It's my transformation Wednesday (because I forgot to do it on Tuesday...) meaning I dug through the archives to find my first "drag" photo....what a state 🤣 I look like if you ordered Kat Slater on Wish!

I've always had a passion for performing, but throughout my secondary school years, suppressed this love due to the fear of being bullied.

At first, the thought of putting on a wig and a dress terrified me, and was not something I had much interest in due to the stigma and fear of what other may think. I landed myself in hospital at the age of 20 with a life threatening illness which almost ended my life. When I recovered from this, I decided life was too short and to follow my dreams of being on stage.

Fast forward 6 years, and here I am today! I've worked in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Cyprus. I also perform around the UK in pantomimes and our UK drag show, The Dazzling Diamonds. I couldn't be more thankful to my amazing family and friends for being so supportive and encouraging me to be the person I am today.

My favourite number to perform, is "This Is Me". Each time I perform this number, I think back to my years of surpressing who I am and holding myself back, and get filled with pride to be where I am today.

I really hope to see you at a show soon, and thanks for taking the time to read my story!

"When times are dark, dig deep and find your glitter in the grey"

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